What readers are saying about Sleepless

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Parry has a gift for painting deep characterizations in a minimum of vividly detailed strokes. Prescott jumps right off the page and immediately snags the reader’s attention, and holds it throughout the story. Her perception, in fact, is what makes the story so fascinating, even as the horror holding sway on the Texas inspires revulsion.


I liked the story. I liked its length, liked the way it ended, liked the action and the set up. The main character was strong and interesting, the dialogue was realistic without being tedious...


Only 3 stars, because, I needed more.

About the author

Richard Parry

Richard is the author of the Night’s Champion trilogy, the Tyche’s Journey trilogy, and a huge liar. Previously he worked as an international consultant in one of the world’s top tech companies, which felt like a facegrater simulation. His debut novel Night’s Favor and its sequel Night’s Fall have been shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Award “Best Novel” category.

His first trilogy about the Night’s Champion are supernatural thrillers about an alcoholic bitten by a werewolf, who then saves the world through action scenes and clever dialogue. His standalone cyberpunk novel Upgrade is a gripping techno thriller set in a believable near-future world. His Tyche’s Journey trilogy is a space opera where sword-wielding blaster-shooting heroes save not just Earth, but the entire universe through — again — action scenes and clever dialogue. Why break up a winning formula?

Richard lives in Wellington with the love of his life Rae. They have a dog, Rory, who chases birds. The birds, who have the power of flight, don’t seem to mind.